A New Year – and here we go again

So another 5 months have past since my last blog, and wow what a 5 months they have been !!

Since my last post I have had my food pipe stretched, which I have to say is quiet possibly the most uncomfortable and frankly hideous experience since radiotherapy. My food pipe had unfortunately shrunk to 8mm, hence being on a liquid diet, during the operation they managed to stretch it to a hugely impressive 34mm, 6mm wider than the normal pipeline. Wonderful I thought as I was being regaled with this information, steak dinners here we come – upon being released the following day I was dreaming of what to eat. Unfortunately my dreams were dashed, owing to my anatomy being somewhat buggered, a sump has formed in my food pipe which cannot be straightened meaning that I can only swallow foods which have been blended. Now there are two alternatives available to me, I either have proper food and chew to a consistency which is soup like or I cut out the middle man and blend it to shit 😂. Now I cannot taste or smell so food has lost a lot appeal, it is purely my fuel – however as mad as it seems I do like to have proper food unfortunately it takes me 2 hours to eat a normal meal, and it gets boring eating cold food.

I have also started working at Sainsbury’s in Hereford, and boy does it feel good – the worst thing about the hole in the neck thing is not being able to do what I did for a job, and also the thoughts will I be able to work again properly, without the fatigue limiting how much I can work. Since my issues with depression one of the overwhelming side effects has been my OCD, and now my job at Sainsbury’s satisfies these tendencies- so please if you ever visit the pop and juice aisles at Sainsbury’s in Hereford please be sure to align the bottles following your selection!!

Since my last blog I have continued training as hard as ever and am planning 2 ultra marathons, 2 marathons, 100 mile cycle and a few time trials. I hasten to add some events have been carried over from 2020 but it would be rude not to complete them, hopefully will have some company from the 2 John’s one for shorter distances and one for longer distances- a big 🙏, I will also have support from my wonderful children who I know doubt I will embarrass as usual and my cycling friends you all know who you are – I am truly blessed with my friends.

To labour a point my running and cycling has kept me sane over the last two and a half years giving me goals to aim for, the other blessing has been the people I have met on my ‘journey’, my exercise friends new and old and my new colleagues at Sainsbury’s who after a lot of worrying about going to work have treated me normally. Being treated normally is the key to recovery, being regarded as a special case really does my head in, the amusing reactions of customers keeps me smiling- one customer explained that she works with special needs people so understands what I am going through, also the colleague who presumed I was deaf as well, I did feel a little guilty for the sign language 😀

The only negative is the realisation that I am going to have a regular operation to have my food pipe stretched, 4 months after my last stretch it’s already becoming increasingly difficult to swallow larger pieces of food, so smoothies and blended lasagne here we come. In the grand scheme of things a very small inconvenience, we should all take time to think how lucky we are and take the time to help others where possible.

Please take care and see you all soon 👌👍🏻💪🏼

2 thoughts on “A New Year – and here we go again

  1. so good to read your positivity. I truly love tidy supermarket shelves, so am glad to know there are staff out there doing their bit to keep up standards.
    Keep it up, Beno
    Rach xx


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