Forgive me it’s been 5 months since my last blog

So what’s happened since April, it’s been an interesting period in everyone’s world, not least the devastating consequences of a world pandemic. I think everyone has been affected in one way or another whether the loss of a loved one or the disruption to a normal way of living – lets hope we all learn valuable lessons which we don’t forget.

So how’s the neck piercing and other lumps, well the lump in my neck turned out to be the remaining half of my thyroid which rotated 180 degrees and turns out is under active, hence the excessive fatigue and sweating, at this point I should point out that I don’t wear a bandana when running for a cool look, but to keep the sweat out of my eyes 🥵 The other issue which has developed is my issue with swallowing food, having had some x-rays it appears that my food pipe has narrowed to the size of a small straw and to the extent where I can only eat blended food, soup or special shakes. I am booked for an operation on Sept 9th to have my food pipe stretched, apparently once stretched I should hopefully be able to talk a bit louder as well – Sorry everyone 🤬

For me COVID has taken my dad, he had been in a care home ever since I was diagnosed with Cancer, and luckily owing to his dementia he never knew I had a laryngectomy. My dad was my hero in every way from his working life to his family life I have always looked to him for guidance, his quest for helping others was an inspiration and over 30 years he raised in excess of a million pounds for the local hospital. In all the time through childhood and adulthood I never heard him argue with my mum, I never heard him swear, they truly broke the mould with Peter Andrews, my only sadness was that I didn’t see him after Christmas owing to illness on both our parts and then lockdown.

Unfortunately due to COVID I have also been made redundant, having worked for Fatboys for 3 years I can honestly say they have been some of the most enjoyable in my working life. It would not be too extreme to say the people working there have helped my recovery massively over the last 2 years, their support from has been amazing and I will miss my days there.

During my recent travails I have constantly bleated on about my exercise and how it has helped with my recovery, without the Tri Club sessions and my Saturday social cycle rides I would have really struggled. The people involved in these groups have treated me normally which believe me helps so much – through my wonderful SLT (speech and language therapist) at Worcester I have also been in contact with Sam another laryngectomee. Sam had his neck piercing when he was very young and some 20 years ago, our conversations during our cycle rides have been enjoyable and have helped over the recent months. Oh and just to bleat on a bit more mileage to date since operation stands at 979 miles run and 1,387 cycled happy days 😴

Difference a year makes 😀😀

So nearly up to date, a day to go till my throat is stretched and I can eat proper food again maybe even meat😊 A couple of things to end with I recently visited a pharmacy to collect my shakes, as per usual I had my base plate and filter on show. After asking for my prescription by holding my baseplate as usual the pharmacist asked if I had a sore throat, after a stunned silence I replied no I don’t have a throat, to which she turned away to retrieve my shakes. Upon return she then asked if I paid for my prescriptions(reasonable question) I replied no I am exempt, to which the then asked if it was a medical exemption – was it me ? 😂😂

Last thing to sum up the last 2 years, due to COVID prior to operations the patients have been asked to self isolate for 14 days, a pain but totally understandable. My self isolation started on the 26th August, unfortunately Gabby’s 18th birthday was on the 28th so that meant a deliveroo, also on the 30th a good friends birthday cycle in the Elan Valley – what a pisser but necessary. However on my 10th day of self isolation I received a letter telling me due to changes being made to the system for operations, isolation would only need to be for three days.

Happy days, speak to you soon with a stretched throat and a steak dinner, thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “Forgive me it’s been 5 months since my last blog

  1. It’s been great getting to know you and Josh over the last couple of months. Looking forward to many more rides & runs together. Good luck with the op 👍


  2. Great to read & great to hear the positivity throughout, we’ve family affected by illness and you truly are an inspiration to all. Keep safe & well, and finally, enjoy life what ever that brings.


  3. Hi Benno, thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about the redundancy from Fatboys. There are some very difficult decisions being made everywhere, times are tough on the employment front. Also your dad sounds like a top guy with a great legacy. You are an inspiration.


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