Saturday Night Theatre and the ‘Andrews Sisters’

So are we all sitting comfortably then I shall begin the next – never straight forward story of my fun and games. So everything was going swimmingly And I was given the news following a swallow test that I could start on fluids and pureed food so I had first cup of tea for 8 days – so good.

This was followed by a lovely meal of salmon, beans and potatoes

It actually tastes quite good, so everything was moving along really well, my ng tube(tube up nose that feeds you) was removed – total bliss I could wipe my nose properly and was nearly ready to return home.

Then as my daughter lovingly recalls I coughed 4 times following a biscuit and my head looked like a ‘puffer fish’, it started with a terrible earache and slowly moved to my neck and before you knew it I looked like a cross between American Dad & Desperate Dan !!

So what happened it appears a fat node burst when I coughed and then got infected, whatever it resulted in several days of morphine induced pain relief, and a 10pm visit to theatre to have my neck washed and drained to release the crap. To say it was a bit of a kick in the balls is an understatement, but things happen !! For the first time ever I have to say I had a few kind words with the man upstairs and hopefully he has listened, I was caught a couple of times feeling sorry for myself but I have said it before the support I have had is humbling and amazing, my wife Ann I cannot thank enough she has driven from Hereford almost everyday- I love you with all my heart.

It is at this stage I feel I should mention the Andrew’s Sisters, they are Becky, Abby and Meg, where do I start Meg was the first face I remember on the head and neck ward, shining a torch in my face in the middle of the night making sure I was ok after my initial op. Meg has been always smiley and keeps you going a very big thank you.

The next sister is Becky well what do I say, to start with a little fearful, but Becky is the one that made me get out of bed, change my lary tube and generally doesn’t let you feel sorry for oneself. However she also has that wonderful compassionate side that is inherent with all the nurses on the head and neck ward.

The final member of the trio is Abby, not around for first week as on holiday, but has made up for it ever since, prior to my set back was always around with a smile and would share a laugh, however when she came in and saw my large heed her face was a picture. I will never forget my trip for a scan on the Saturday, a more caring nurse could you not wish for and a tower of strength, both Ann and I are both so grateful.

I have many nurses to mention and will mention them all in the next blog, I am so thankful to you all.

So nearly up to date, it is amusing watching people come and go, in the last week we’ve had American Pie Dad and the ongoing episodes of Donna & Alan, hospital could have been a real downer but you have to look forward not back. Henry vlll is history as was yesterday , we create tomorrow. There will be setbacks, these are there for us to use to get to the ultimate goals and with love and support we will succeed, thank you for continuing to read and follow.


One thought on “Saturday Night Theatre and the ‘Andrews Sisters’

  1. Hi Richard
    I echo your words with the man upstairs, this is what I do. He listens, He has listened to me several times if not all the time! I am so uplifted with your positive attitude, keep it up. I will keep praying also 🙂


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