Cardiff, Work and another Neck Piercing

So another several weeks and another blog, a lot has happened since my last effort and things are moving in the right direction. Back at work two days a week(more later), 13.2 miles run in Cardiff and confirmation of another stay in Worcester Hospital, so without further ado and if you’re sitting comfortably I will begin.

So October 6th came around quicker than expected, 13.2 miles around the streets of Cardiff-my aim to get round crawl or walk, I surprised myself 2 hours and 41 minutes, the Welsh support was truly inspiring. The Half Marathon had the obvious significance of my recent battles, but not many are aware of another notable reason for running and that was my battle 8 years ago with depression and the subsequent loss of shoelaces and belt in a Cardiff police cell. The tears at the end of the race were tears of joy, relief and a really big F-U to Cancer – ‘it will not define me, only drive me forwards’. Cardiff also taught me a valuable lesson-make sure you keep in touch with those people that mean a lot, through my recent battles I have become reacquainted with a very dear friend whom I have known since I was very young-Gill thank you for the lovely post race meal and we will see you soon😘

The following Tuesday and it was time to return to work, nervous does not do how I was feeling justice – how would people react, would the neck piercing disturb, how would eating be, and would the commute to Stratford-upon-Avon finish me off ? I needn’t have worried, throughout the last 18 months Fatboys have been a constant support from Chris the MD through to the happy band of campers in the sales office, work has been a blessing. The most important factor with Cancer is normality-being treated no differently, still having the piss taken, operating under the same rules – no special treatment. A big thank you to everyone especially Laura, James and Neil whom live in the sales office and have constantly made me laugh. With regards the commute, I have used it to brush up on my audiobook listening and also my singing😀

So what does being a laryngectomee mean, well double glazing salesmen do not know what to say when you open the door to them in the middle of cleaning your neck piercing. Still trying to get used to not getting out of breath whilst exercising and also not being able to snot rocket is a real problem when on long runs/cycles. Another drawback I have found is not being able to bend down to do things/pick things up – makes me cough rather violently- also cannot lie down flat with my head flat on ground/bed – tried to do it, with the rather amusing sight of not being able to sit up again. Apparently they have whilst giving me my rather attractive neck piercing and dissection cut through all the muscles in my neck – resulting in this consequence but a positive side effect is no double chin anymore.

Now for a little moan the doctors, nurses and all support staff have been unbelievably fantastic and I will not hear a word said against the NHS, I think you all know a however is coming. However in the wonderful USA & Australia they have a concerted effort to promote exercise for cancer patients – since my recent issues I have struggled to find information about exercise for cancer patients in the UK. Since my surgery through the help of and I have been using exercise – it has helped my mental health but also I firmly believe it has assisted in the healing process. Prior to my latest surgery as you will know, I had taken up running after Radiotherapy and again this helped me recover quicker but also I was stronger and healthier for the surgery. There have been studies carried out in USA and Australia which back this up, my question is why no studies in the UK – cancer is currently the most prevalent illness, surely we should be trying everything – I may be talking bollocks but surely it’s worth trying. – WINGE OVER 🤔

Final part of this blog, and its an update – my appointment for my latest surgery has been set as November 19th to have my speaking valve fitted. This will be memorable for two reasons one is that I will hopefully be able to talk again ‘whoop whoop’, and the second is that it is my eldest son Josh’s birthday😩Hopefully I will only be in for one night, but will not hold my breath(sorry I can’t) – this second piercing will mean a little valve can be fitted between my windpipe and my oesophagus(food pipe), and will mean I can talk again and stop annoying everyone by tapping them to get attention😂

That’s me done, hopefully the next time I write my blog I will be able to speak again – thank you and goodnight❤️❤️💪🏼

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