My Cancer Anniversary & Exercise

Well that’s been a difficult few weeks, hence the delay in writing my blog. It’s been a year since the day I was diagnosed with the big C and wow what a year, I cannot believe what we as family have endured – but I have to say it makes you stronger.

Over the recent weeks I have stepped up my exercise, this is my primary method of dealing with the cancer and the dark thoughts which accompany it, and it works – it gives a sense of purpose, and stops me wallowing in self pity. As some will know I am going to try running/walking the Cardiff Half Marathon on October 6th – I find goals and plans help me to focus on other things and takes my mind off tubes, filters, nebulisers and all the daily routines.

I always look for the positives, with regards the laryngectomy it has come in the form of not getting out of breath when exercising-believe me it is very weird, unfortunately it comes with a negative I cannot spit or snot rocket 🤔 which for you exercisers out there can understand is quite shocking. The other rather amusing sight at the gym is when going for a shower I have to wear a bib (if water goes in the hole in my neck I drown😂) I don’t think other gym people know where to look, but as with all things British nobody has said what the fuck is that😂

The ENT team at Worcester Hospital continue to be amazing (Catherine; Sarah and the wonderful Mim who continues to have to put up with my lousy sense of humour), have now had all my stitches removed, and have progressed to only having the tube in my neck every 36 hours. I now have a base plate which sticks directly to my skin around the hole in my neck to which I attach a filter, trust this thing sticks like super glue and takes 15 minutes of sheer agony to detach it from my skin.

Overall I think one of the biggest pain in the arse things about this cancer shit is all the bloody routines I have to follow – nebulisers, medication, filters, cleaning, more filters, cleaning and nebulisers and to cap it all it takes me an hour to eat a bowl of soup😂The swallowing and eating continue to be one of the biggest challenges, I think I have it sussed and then regurgitation city here I come, but I am getting better although I will never eat gherkins again😂

So exercise is my salvation, I wish everyone who struggles with illness in whatever capacity could find ‘their thing’, that takes them away from the daily grind, that gives them purpose. Running and cycling gives me freedom from worries whether that be will the cancer come back, or depressive thoughts, when exercising my head is clear and I feel chilled. I made a comment on facebook about cyclists looking miserable and not acknowledging other cyclists – please if it makes you that miserable don’t do it, when you pass another person wearing an ill fitting lycra outfit, smile and wave and think it’s not just me that looks like a pillock.

The last year has taught me the power of positive thought, I could not have imagined the horrors – the radiotherapy, looking like desperate dan and having a big hole in my neck. But here’s the thing, I am lucky I have a loving family, wonderful caring friends and I am still here fighting, yes I have bad days but the good days far out way them and I smile more than I frown. If there is a thought I can leave with people is, if you know someone who is ill – do not treat them differently – all we want is to be treated normally – the best people to copy are children there are no boundaries – if you want to know what is on my neck just ask do not stare😂😂

So enough from me for now, I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing, and remember if you meet me I have no voice but I am not deaf so no need to shout !!

5 thoughts on “My Cancer Anniversary & Exercise

  1. Again mate you seem to word it all brilliantly. I look forward to reading your blogs not that I ever wanted what you’ve been through. I hope you enjoyed the bike show it was great having you there. See you soon bud take care Simon.


  2. Fantastic post as normal. Glad cycling is enjoyable. Great reminder that whatever stuff we have to deal with there is always something to enjoy and make life worthwhile.


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