Here’s to 2020, let’s hope it’s a little less complicated 😎😎

So that’s six months since my discharge from hospital, my word it’s flown and I have come along way in learning to manage my modifications. It has proved to be a six months of extremes which our whole family has managed, and we have all had to become more open and tolerant. Sorry that’s a bit deep, basically they’ve all had to learn to put up with me and my mood swings !!

Over the last six months I have concentrated on my fitness and developed a series of goals to aim for, which are running and cycling based. This has given me a positive purpose, and this has been an absolute sure reason why my recovery has happened so quickly. Also the support and encouragement from those around you, to me it sounds like a simple effective method of recovering from an illness, in USA and Australia it’s prescribed.

Anyway since my last blog, Christmas has happened, I’m a year older, left Europe and I still can’t whistle. Christmas was bitter sweet as Ann had to work Xmas day and Boxing Day, I got to go back to my roots and visit my Mum, Dad, Sister and family. My dad is in a local care home so a little bitter sweet seeing him there, but still had a twinkle in his eye and still thinks I have a sore throat😀 My Mum on the other hand is still with it, but I’m sure she thinks I’m deaf as well as mute as she continues to shout at me😂 It was nice having the various generations together and it was a lovely break from the regular routine of stoma care.

As time passes I am becoming more adept at the routines I need to follow, the only negative recently has been the trouble in finding a baseplate(holder for a filter that sticks to skin around the hole in my neck) that sticks but does not irritate the shit out of my skin. Fingers crossed as I write this, it appears I may have found one, this makes talking easier and also is a lot more comfortable than the bibs. This month has also been good as I have met another member of the hole in the neck gang – Sam a larger than life character who has had his piercing for 20 yrs. The insights gained through just chatting to someone who knows what it’s like has been invaluable, and gave me a lot of confidence in what I have been doing(thanks Mim you are a star).

So where are we, well I have just completed the first leg of my 12 events in twelve months – The Pilgrims Challenge, 33 miles from Farnham to Reigate on the North Downs Way, 3,500 feet of climbing over Boxhill and Reigate Hill. Still struggle to believe I did it, six months to the day I left hospital, I certainly would have struggled on the day had it not been for a certain Mr Collyer thank you and for one last time sorry I slowed you down😀🙏 Also big thank you to Rory for the training plans and witty repartee- you have created a monster.

My month of March is a very busy one with a half marathon at the wonderful Oulton Park racing circuit where I spent many happy days with my dad, followed by a cycle sportive in Stratford-upon-Avon near where I work. Through completing these events I am attempting to raise £1,000 for Cancer Research so please if you can donate it would be very much appreciated, the main events are in June with a 100 mile cycle and July with a 100 km Ultra Marathon.

Thank you for reading

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